Where next daddy? Travel mad couple take their baby globetrotting across 20 countries

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Where next daddy? This is a familiar phrase for a travel mad couple who have taken their baby globetrotting across 20 countries.

Naomi Jacques, 33, from Liverpool, and her husband, Steve, 39, started travelling with their daughter, Betty, when she was 20 months old.

Determined to show her as much of the world as possible, the family lived out of two rucksacks for 16 months.

And after putting their house up for rent, the pair have managed to live off savings and the money from their home to live a simple life abroad.

They moved location on average every three days and have visited 20 countries in total with Betty – including Vietnam, Australia, China, Thailand, Argentina and Canada.

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But, after falling pregnant while travelling, Naomi decided to come home to England for a few months until she gives birth.

The family are hoping to plan their next adventure in time for the summer.

Naomi said: “I was on maternity leave when me and Steve decided to go travelling with Betty.

“We were spending hardly any time together as a family and I wanted our daughter to experience other cultures and languages while she was learning to speak.

“Me and Steve first met while travelling in 2005 but it’s completely different when you’ve got a baby and nappies to change.

“Everyone thought we were mad as it’s hard enough raising  baby, let alone taking them abroad and not settling anywhere for longer than a few days.

“But it seemed so natural to both me and Steve, so we decided to go for it.

“We saved before we went and planned accommodation and car rental for the first few months.

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“Our house in St Albans went up for rent and we found our money went further when travelling countries such as China and Vietnam.

“It was amazing having Betty with us on our first adventure as a family, she was so fascinated by all the different countries and she loves flying.

“We worked out that she has been on 50 different flights, her passport has more stamps than most grown adults.

“There was 17 countries we visited on this 16 month trip but in total Betty has been to 20 different places in her lifetime.”

Steve and Naomi took two rucksacks and handbags weighing a combined 50kg and they used a carrier for Betty while on the move.

Naomi added: “It’s hard work travelling and the longest place we stayed in one place was three weeks.

“We found volunteering opportunities were also great for places that accepted families.

“And it also gave us somewhere to stay for longer than a few days.

“We did some volunteering while in Argentina and Betty loved living on an Eco farm, feeding the chickens, finding eggs, picking fresh vegetables and fruit.

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“Betty’s also experienced her first camping trip while we were away, it was in North West America and she loved it and slept so well.”

Naomi and Steve decided to set up their blog ‘Where Next Daddy’ before setting off on their first trip – with their main intention to keep their family and friends updated with their adventures.

Naomi added: “We always made the site public as we hoped one day we’d be able to give tips to other families who wanted to go travelling together.

“We have written a post about every country we have visited and it’s great being able to look back on all the amazing places we have been.”

Now nine months pregnant, the family are focusing on their new arrival and giving Betty some sense of normality.

Naomi added: “Betty loves other children and now she’s three years old she had started to ask about friends and her family back home.

“We made sure we came home before her birthday last September so we could make a real fuss out of her.

“I was five months pregnant in Thailand when I realised it was time to come home for a while.

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“I couldn’t keep carrying our rucksacks and Betty while on long treks so we booked our flights home.

“If we had found somewhere we wanted to settle for a few months then we would have stayed there but we didn’t.

And even though the family are settling in well back in Liverpool, they admit it has been hard.

Naomi said: “Our money certainly doesn’t go as far and getting back into a routine has been hard, we’re already getting itchy feet.

“When Betty starts school we will more than likely travel in the school holidays.

“She already knows about so many different countries and loves saying Hong Kong  – which most kids her age wouldn’t have even heard of.

“We are so proud of her and she’s even asking when we are next going on a plane.”


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– Argentina
– Columbia
– Costa Rica
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– Canada
– Hong Kong – China
– South West China
– Vietnam
– Indonesia
– Laos
– Thailand
– Philippines
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– Panama
– Malaysia
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