Trance ravers in their 50’s vow to never give up party lifestyle – thanking power naps and plenty of water for endless energy 

A trance raving couple in their 50’s have vowed never to give up their party lifestyle – thanking power naps and plenty of water for their energetic dance moves. 

Tonia Semeraro, 57, and fiance, Nic Grecas, 59, have been addicted to attending raves for two years and despite being more than twice as old as the average ‘raver’ the pair love nothing more than attending events all over the UK and Europe.

The couple – who have been together for 15 years – have even planned a trance rave wedding reception for later this year. 

On average Tonia and Nic attend two trance raves per month and the pair have lost a combined 7 stones in weight thanks to their party lifestyle.

Pics by James Ward/Caters News


The duo from Letchworth, Herfordshire, thank power naps and drinking plenty of water for being able to dance all night and even claim they out-party many of the youngsters. 

Nic and Tonia are normally seen wearing matching trance attire which includes vibrant leg warmers, luminous hair accessories, and face glitter. 

Pics by James Ward/Caters News

Tonia, a receptionist, said: “We might be older than the average trance raver but we absolutely love it. 

“People are always calling us inspiring due to our age and some of our family think we’re crazy but we love partying. 

“It has given us a new lease of life and we have both lost weight from attending raves and dancing so much. 

“We can dance for much longer than those half our age as we stay tee-total and keep hydrated with water. 

“I will even take the occasional power nap if the rave is a very long one it gives me an energy boost and I’m ready for another few hours of dancing. 

“We would attend raves every single weekend if we could afford it as the atmosphere is great, everyone is so friendly and there’s never any trouble as everyone is there for the music. 

Pics by James Ward/Caters News

“People are constantly asking us for selfies and as we now wear full trance rave attire we love getting dressed up. 

“We wear furry leg warmers known as ‘fluffy’s’ as well as other funky clothing and luminous hair accessories. 

“Me and Nic have so much fun and as we have only been attending raves together for two years we have a lot of catching up to do.

“Nic has even be inspired to start mixing music on his own decks at home.”

Tonia and Nic have decided to hold their very own trance rave for their wedding in November. 

Nic said: “Attending trance raves makes us incredibly happy and so it made perfect sense to organise our own. 

Pics by James Ward/Caters News

“After being in a relationship for 15 years we thought it was time to finally tie the knot. 

“Some people think it’s bizarre and that we should retire quietly but it’s keeping us young, we feel revived and happier than ever. 

“I’m so glad I asked Tonia to attend a trance rave out of the blue in 2016, it has changed our lives. 

“I’d always enjoyed raves in the 90’s but I missed out on years of partying due to other life commitments. 

“Now we are making up for lost time and we’re having the best time. 

“I’d tell anyone at any age to try trance raving it’s an amazing experience and being older makes no difference.”