Toss trumps! World’s greatest pancake artist fries up presidents for shove Tuesday

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Ever wondered what the leader of the Free World would look like flat as a pancake and covered in syrup?

This Dad’s skills with pancake mix and a skills will blow your mind.

Former maths teacher Nathan Shields from Washington State, USA, discovered his talent with pancake mixture when making breakfast for his children.

PIC FROM Caters News 

After creating a series of amazing animal and cartoon designs, Nathan tried his hand at giving President Donald Trump the pancake treatment and the resemblance is uncanny.

Nathan said: “Like a lot of parents, I discovered pancake art with my kids one morning and I decided life’s too short for round pancakes.

“I tried dropping batter onto the pan with a spoon, but eventually found that a squeeze bottle works better.

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“That was five years ago and since then I’ve explored a lot of themes using pancakes, posting the creations online.”

Since leaving his job to become a full-time Dad, Nathan has become a wizard with pancakes and an internet sensation with 121,000 followers on Instagram.

Nathan said: “Sometimes I’ll choose a random request from my Instagram or Facebook audience and cook up something I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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“I decided to make this after I watched the first weeks of Trump’s presidency unfold, particularly with regard to journalism, science, and the suppression of communication.

“These pancakes were great to eat while reading the news.”

Under the name of Saipan Cakes Nathan has become social media’s biggest pancake artist and has even shared his tips on how to impress your kids and mates this evening.

He said: “Before you start, you’ll need to have a few key tools so you don’t end up red-faced and frustrated, cursing my name under your breath.
“First, make sure you have a nonstick surface.  Butter and oil tend to make the images bubbly and indistinct.

“Personally, I love the 12-inch Spanpan I got a couple of years ago but I ended up loving it too much and lost it on holiday.

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“So lately I’ve been using some of my stand-by pans, and do like the shallow lip of the crepe pans.
“Next, you’ll need a squeeze bottle of some sort and whatever spatula you have on hand should be okay.
“I’ve done a lot of experimenting with recipes, and ended up composting some of the results like the time I used too much garbanzo bean flour.

“If the kids feel like doing some measuring, I’ll mix up some batter with the recipe below which is enough for two kids and me, but you might want to double the recipe.

“Most days I take the easy road and go with an off-the-shelf mix and add additional soy milk which I mix thoroughly to get a smooth, thin batter that won’t clog the nozzle.

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“I then mix in a little cocoa powder in one bottle to get the dark tones without risking a burnt flavor.

“The cocoa is optional and is not the be all and end all but if added, use it first, to squirt on the darkest areas.

“Lay down the midtones using the white batter which you should let bubble before adding the parts you want lightest.

“The moment of truth is in the flip of the pancake to see what you’ve got.”

Nathan’s pancake recipe is:

1.5 c flour
1 tbsp baking powder 1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)
2 tbsp  applesauce
2 tbsp melted butter or substitute
1.5 c soymilk