Tortoise owner knits adorable halloween shell suits for her pets

A tortoise lover has created a range of Halloween themed shell suits for her pets – transforming them into a pumpkin a ghost and a devil.

Typically shy and quiet animals, tortoises are not usually known for their love of fancy dress, but Katie Bradley’s adorable knitted designs are sure to bring these reptiles out of their shell.

Adorable Halloween Tortoises

One of Katie Bradley’s creations, a tortoise with bat wings

In what started out as a family joke, Kate 33, began knitting the stylish cosies exclusively for her pet tortoises but now makes them full time for owners around the world.

From a bat to Frankenstein, Katie, from Vancouver, USA, has been inundated with requests for the spooky suits in the build up to Halloween.

Adorable Halloween Tortoises

A tortoise wearing an eyeball themed halloween costume

The mum-of-two, who owns 13 pet tortoises, left fashion conscious tortoise owners shell-shocked after posting pictures of the quirky outfits on her blog.

Since then, the needle savvy knitter receives around eight orders a day and has created over 2,000 shell suits, dressing tortoises from Britain, China, Germany and Russia as pumpkins, sharks and farm animals.

Adorable Halloween Tortoises

The owner of over 13 tortoises, Katie creates incredible designs for the fashion conscious reptiles

She said: “I have had quite a few requests for Halloween themed tortoise outfits this year.

“New designs I have come up with are a zombie eye, complete with red veins, bat wings, a spider, a ghost, a witch hat, and a whole host of animals, ranging from mouse, cat, lion, to barn-yard animals, and all manner of different themes.

“I have some awesome crocheting callouses on my hands, but I still enjoy my craft.

“Many of my previous clients keep coming back to buy more cosies from me, providing their chelonian friend with a wardrobe of costumes to choose from.

Katie, whose creep of pet tortoises includes one Leopard tortoise, four juvenile Marginated tortoises and eight Horsefield’s tortoises, makes the costumes at home using coloured acrylic yarn.

Adorable Halloween Tortoises

Katie has been inundated with requests from customers wanting halloween style suits

But despite the array of the scare-tastic costumes at her disposal, Katie said her tortoises will be spending most of Halloween in their birthday suits.

She said: “I know the neighbour kids would be thrilled to see the door answered by a tortoise in a costume.

“Honestly though, except for a few fun photo ops beforehand, my tortoises will likely spend Halloween in the nude, burrowed down for the night into a patch of soft soil in their tortoise tables.

“I don’t think I’ll ever become bored of these wonderful creatures.”