This make-up look comes with all the extra toppings! Artist creates amazing fast food make-up looks 

A make-up artist has created these amazing fast food-themed make-up looks that are yours to take away.

Chit Choi, 32, from Vancouver, Canada, is a professional make-up artist and instructor after leaving her career as a preschool teacher behind.


Chit Choi / Caters News

She is now a talented make-up artist who has created several different looks of including painting her face to look like a pizza as well as a burger and painting her hands to look like MacDonald’s fries.

Chit Choi / Caters News

Chit said: “I walked past McDonald’s one day and thought it would be a cool idea to try out a junk food makeup series.

“I had also created sushi-inspired looks before, I love food and I also love makeup so I figured, why not combine the two?

“My favorite piece is the burger face at the moment, that was extremely fun to paint and I couldn’t stop laughing at myself during the process.

“I even woke up my husband to see his reaction and it was hilarious.”

Chit Choi / Caters News

Chit was first introduced to make-up after a Halloween look she created in 2013 went viral but some of her creations can take up to five hours to complete.

She said: “Everyday I get positive reactions claiming that my work is unbelievable or mind-boggling.

“I love creating artwork that has shock value and provokes reactions from people.

“I would love to do desserts and try creating makeup inspired by various cuisines.

Chit Choi / Caters News

“I look forward to coming up with ideas that are unique, fun and shocking, something people have never seen before.”