This incredible horsebox bar is causing a stir

 The Giddy Box / Caters News

This incredible portable bar was converted from a horse box and has become a massive hit.

The Giddy Box / Caters News

The Giddy Box visits various events across Ireland, from Weddings to Horse Racing and with its quirky charm it seems people can’t resist.

Siobhan Reilly, 33, and Karan McLernon, 34, brought both their expertise to the business, Siobhan with Customer Service and Karan with events coordination.

The Giddy Box / Caters News

Karan said: “We have had a very busy year so far attending a number of Food festivals, Country music and Horse racing events, private parties and weddings as well.

“The reaction to her so far has been incredible and to be honest we were a little taken aback at first as we had no idea how well it would be received especially in the equestrian world.

“For many horse lovers we are just perfection for them- Horses and Bubbles- what’s not to love after all.

The Giddy Box / Caters News –

The sisters are both mums and enjoy the flexibility that working at the bar brings them – they’ve also become quite fond of the trailer, after spending three months getting it refurbished.

“Both of us being parents we knew that we wanted something that would allow us to have the work/life balance and so The Giddy Box was the perfect fit.

The Giddy Box / Caters News

“It was and still is a real labour of love. We affectionately named the trailer after our Nanny Alice and just like her she turns heads everywhere we go.”