This Doesn’t Make Any Cents! Man Struggles With Balance While Trying To Get Atm On Bus

A determined man shocked onlookers as he struggled to try and get an ATM machine onto a bus.

Some people may struggle with their bank balance, but Darius Kinney literally struggled while attempting to board a bus with the bulky object in Newark, New Jersey, earlier this month.

Darius, 29, waited patiently for the arrival of the perfect getaway vehicle, a bus – before struggling with the heavy load as he dragged the ATM machine along the sidewalk, losing his balance multiple times.

But unluckily for ATM opportunist Darius, the bus driver refused to let him on the bus and abruptly closed the doors and carried on with his route.

The prankster revealed that after being investigated for the video, it was actually not the result of an elaborate real theft but was a prank.

Darius said: “People want to be rich, but nobody wants to help you get rich.

“I got the ATM from in front of a barber shop – my reaction was to get the money in the machine by any means.

“The bus driver let me carry the ATM to the bus, but then just closed the door on me. That hurt my feelings.

“I was under investigation because no one could tell whether the video was real or fake.

“But it was actually a prank to show how you have to do everything yourself now days.