This batman fan from Pakistan has spent £6300 to make replica of bat mobile at his home using old car parts

A Pakistani illusionist has spent £6300 of his savings to make a replica of Batmobile using old parts of cars at his home to prove that he is the biggest Batman fan in the entire country.

Shaheer Khan, 28, from Karachi, Pakistan, spent over a year with an engineer to build his Batmobile, inspired by the Tumbler Batmobile featured in the “The Dark Knight”.

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A mechanical engineer turned illusionist, who has impressed people through his mind reading skills and his illusionist performances, Khan claims he has been a collector of Batman toys since childhood and always wanted to have a Batmobile.

He visited junkyards and garages across Karachi and Lahore to buy old parts for his car.

He then met a mechanical engineer Tanveer Ul Haq and worked with him on the design and building the car.

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Khan said: “I am a huge batman fan since my childhood. My room is full of batman toys.

“I always wanted to have my own batmobile.

“The entire vehicle was carved and brought to shape by human hands and nothing was done by a machine.”

The front tyres of the vehicle are of an aircraft. It has a working canopy, which opens from the front.

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But it doesn’t have a front transaxle and has been designed in such a way that it holds the wheels from the outside, making it the opposite of how a normal car front would function.

He said: “We started off with moving machinery tyres for the rear four wheels and aircraft tyres for the front ones. Then I built an entire custom chassis for them.

“It was a tough but a wonderful journey. We have to overcome many obstacles, physically and emotionally.

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“We were building a car from scratch without any blue prints. We redesigned the interior according to our understanding.

“The most challenging aspect of the whole process, was to get the aircraft tyres to work and function properly.”

Once the car came into shape, everyone in the family was amazed with Khan’s achievement.

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“My family was amazed that I made this car. They know how crazy I’m about batman. It was a proud moment for everyone in the family,” he said.

Khan has also added cameras inside the car and a sound system to listen to his favourite tracks while he drives it around the streets of Karachi.

“Whenever I go out in my batmobile, people rush to me to take selfies,” he said.

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Though Khan doesn’t go out in his Batmobile as regularly as he used to do two years back, but says he doesn’t intend to sell the vehicle, ever.

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“I will never sell my batmobile. It is the coolest thing I have,” he added.