They grow up so fast! Dad photoshops his newborn son undertaking hilarious ‘manly’ tasks

A creative dad has showcased an unforgettable photoshoot with his newborn son which show him undertaking hilarious ‘manly’ tasks – including fishing, lifting weights and chopping wood.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

In a bid to go against the grain of a ‘typical’ newborn photoshoot, dad-of-two Matt MacMillan dreamt up a unique project that saw son Ryan, now six months, propelled into an array of mundane situations.

The 31-year-old, from Delran, New Jersey, USA, began photographing Ryan when he was just two months old following the infant’s frightening six-week stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after being born nine weeks premature weighing less than 3lbs [1.3kg] in July 2018.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

The proud father said his son’s rocky start in life was what inspired the project, after Matt and his wife Alyssa, 32, joked that Ryan was not premature but simply ‘advanced’ for his age – and therefore could breeze through the adult tasks showcased in his photoshoot.

The hilarious images have since gone viral online, racking up around 100,000 shares in under a day.

Matt said: “Ryan was born nine weeks premature and was in hospital for the first six weeks of his life.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

“My wife and I like to joke that he is not premature, but just advanced, which is where this idea stemmed from.

“She helped me with everything. One of us would hold him in different positions, and then I’d just edit us out, so it looks like he is doing it all by himself.

“I find normal newborn photographs somewhat boring, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit this way.

“My wife and I both have a really good sense of humour, so we both loved doing it. It will be something that we can look back on forever and smile.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

“I just tried to brainstorm different stereotypically manly activities. It was really fun.

“He is a really good baby to work with. He is always laughing and smiling.”

The hysterical photoshoot shows little baby Ryan undertaking a variety of everyday ‘manly’ tasks, such as shaving his face, mowing the lawn, fixing a car, playing poker, lifting weights, chopping wood and even carving a huge Thanksgiving turkey.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

The dad said one of his favourite images he crafted of his son showed him purposefully ‘going to work’ dressed up in a spiffy vest and trendy hat, along with a little briefcase in hand.

Mechanical engineer Matt said he loves being creative with photoshop and video editing in his spare time – and even created a similar project for his daughter Ella, 2, back in 2016 which showed the baby girl partaking in a variety of impressive sports.

But the dad added that his incredible photoshop skills might have been too convincing after he received some ‘angry’ comments from people online who expressed their concern for Ryan’s welfare because they believed that the scenes in Matt’s photographs were real.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

He said: “It was funny, because I’ve received some angry comments from people who actually think that it’s real.

“They’re asking me how I could put my baby in danger like that. I had to laugh.

“I mean, there is no way a baby could lift an axe that size or go fishing or carve a turkey. He couldn’t even walk.

“They’re all completely photoshopped. There was no danger whatsoever.

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

PIC FROM Matt MacMillan/Caters News

“We are not sure what we want to do with them just yet, we thought about framing some of them.

“But there are around 12 photographs, so we might even turn them into a calendar.

“It will be funny for him to look back on when he is older. I have no idea what he will think about it all but I’m sure it will make him laugh.

“Ryan had a rough start in life being born premature, but now he is doing better than ever.”