They ate what? Unbelievable x-rays reveal bizarre items naughty pets eat while owners’ back are turned

They ate what?! The bizarre items that pets have gobbled down have been captured in astonishing x-rays – released by vets competing for the most unbelievable radiograph.

While their owners’ backs were turned for just a moment, these hungry pets managed to scoff sewing needles, bra straps and even knives.

One peckish pooch almost turned himself into a shish kebab – when he ate a sharp six-inch skewer.

Prince the Cocker Spainel ate a box of staples

Prince the Cocker Spainel ate a box of staples

Another created a wardrobe headache for his owner when the three-year-old Great Dane chomped his way through no less than 43 and a half socks.

The incredible x-rays are vets’ entries in Veterinary Practice News’ annual ‘They Ate What?’ comp that offers a cash prize of $1,500 for the most shocking item to be removed successfully.

German pointer Marley, from Gulf Breeze, Florida, was the daring dog who managed to consume a kebab skewer.

A Labradour that injested Golf Balls

A Labradour that injested Golf Balls

Despite being six he has not grown out of ‘getting into trouble’, so when Marley’s owner prepared meat and veg skewers for dinner, he wasted no time devouring them when her back was turned.

She found him under the bed – but only one empty skewer lay in front of him. The other had vanished.

A Wheaten Terrier at his owners Headphones

A Wheaten Terrier at his owners Headphones

Gulf Breeze animal hospital’s Tim Gossman DVM said: “Not thinking it was possible that he’d swallowed the skewer, I decided to radiograph Marley to appease the owner. Well, there it was, within the stomach.

“The exploratory and gastrostomy were uneventful. Marley was soon out the door and on to his next adventure.”

One exotic frog from Plano, Texas, took an unusual interest in the ornamental rocks he was given to sit on in his cage – in fact he gobbled more than 30 of them down.

Dr Shawn Messonnier from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital managed to surgically remove them all and the frog has recovered without complications, though he now lives in a rock-free cage.

Chole the Dog ate 70 hair bands

Chole the Dog ate 70 hair bands

Another bizarre radiograph involves five ducks – all rubber and all in the belly of a dog called Woof.

Woof would stick his head in the water whenever his owner’s three-year-old son was having a bath, but they thought he just liked the water.

When rubber ducks kept going missing, mum was perplexed but just bought new ones. Thankfully she eventually caught Woof in the act.

Dr Mary Green from Animal Emergency of Pasco in Port Richey, Florida, said; “We surgically removed the flock along with a toy truck tire and a piece of another toy, and Woof did very well.”

Nine-pound Chihuahua Yoda may be petite but he managed to eat an entire packet of sewing needles.

His owner, from Tustin, California, only realised something was amiss when a needle began poking into Yoda’s shoulder, making him struggle to walk.

Imagine his surprise when an x-ray showed no fewer than nine needles dotted throughout Yoda’s body.

Meanwhile, two-month-old rat terrier Norris managed to get his owner into an embarrassing situation – revealing her bra size to the whole Texas-based veterinary clinic.

She’d taken him along to the vets once he’d started being sick but a radiograph revealed a bra hiding within his belly.

George the Dog ate an Earring

George the Dog ate an Earring

Dr Aaron W Wilfert, who treated Norris at Jackson County Veterinary Clinic in Edna, Texas, said: “We don’t know who was more embarrassed, the owner or the veterinarian, when she determined that Norris had eaten her bra.

“Approximately 14 inches of bra and bra strap was surgically removed from the stomach and small intestine.

“Norris is thriving, but he is no longer allowed to enter the family laundry room.”

Another practice, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, discovered a pug named Stella had managed to eat one quarter and 104 pennies.

Thankfully she didn’t have expensive taste – but unfortunately the $1.29 couldn’t go towards the vet bill.

Meanwhile 58-pound golden retriever named Cody got his chops round a light bulb. Miraculously he managed to pass it intact after a day on intravenous fluids.

But it wasn’t just dogs getting up to mischief. A Missouri-based veterinary clinic had an acutely anorexic bearded dragon (imaginatively named Dragon) brought in after it refused to eat.

The perplexed vet was eventually persuaded to give Dragon an x-ray, which revealed a banana-shaped object lodged in its belly.

The granddaughter’s comment? “That’s where Barbie’s banana went!”

Dr Kerri Marshall, Trupanion chief veterinary officer, said that past entries have included long metal rods, needles, knives and spoons, golf balls, diamond rings, work tools including wrenches and screw drivers, and even a fishing pole.

“Foreign body ingestion is the second most common claim we receive from dogs and third most common claim we receive for cats,” Dr Marshall said.

“We’ve even seen claims where the pet ingested batteries, sewing needles, a corn husk, and a computer mouse.”