These incredible photos show hours of sports compressed into one jam-packed image.

These images show the business of hours of sporting events all packed into one frantic image.

From a mass of twirling divers to a football pitch littered with players, these pictures a full to the seams with action.

Photographer, Pelle Cass, can take a whopping 1000 images over the hours he spends at these sports games before he carefully puts the images together in photoshop.

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

In a dizzying mass of energy, the pictures bring to life the effort put in by these college athletes and the beauty that can be found in a sporting arena.

Pelle, 63, says that though he’s far from a sports-fanatic, he does appreciate the interesting moment that can be captured at these events.

The Brooklyn born photographer has been taking photos for over forty years and his latest project ‘Crowded Fields’ really is something unique.

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

Pelle, who now lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, said: “I’ve always loved playing sports, but I’ve slowed down a bit in recent years. So when I see these college athletes whizzing around, I get excited and happy and deeply wistful at the same time.

“I often take around a thousand photos of an event. Of course, not all of the information goes into the finished photo, but I scroll through all those exposures many times when I ‘m working on a photo.

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

“A still photo captures only a fraction of a second. But with my photos, I can compress a whole game (or some highlights) into a single image that you can absorb in an instant.

“I had been wanting to do pictures like this for a while. It was just a vague urge to show people moving around in dramatic poses.

“Figuring out that sporting events are the perfect subject was deeply satisfying. Even though I’m far from a sports fanatic. I’d much rather play tennis than watch any sport.

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

“I also really like how sports venues look. They’re beautiful without being fussy. They’re homely and utilitarian.

“I love the aluminium bleachers, goal posts, hash marks, lines painted on grass, light standards, the mesh behind goals, chain link fences, and the rest of it. And every sportneeds an empty space to fill. Kind of what I do with my pictures!

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

“Just the very simple idea that I would photograph sports and nothing else seemed to be the key, since I’ve honed my technique for making composite photos over the past ten years or so. And I’m still working on them!

“On my to do list is another soccer photo (I’ve tried three or four times with little success), a baseball game or two, outdoor diving, ultimate frisbee and sports I probably never heard of.

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

“Artists spend most of their time alone, working on their projects, so, for the vast majority of time, there’s no reaction at all. I feel like I’ve been in a cave for years, photoshopping away. So it’s really exciting to begin to show them to people.

Pic by Pelle Cass/Caters

“People sometimes think they are frightening because of all the over-crowding, and sometimes they wonder if the photos are real’. I say, ‘Yes. It’s all real. It all happened just the way you see it in the picture, just not at the same time.’”

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