These bizarre taxidermy creations seem to tell good taste to get stuffed

These bizarre taxidermy creations seem to tell good taste to get STUFFED.

Taxidermy Teacher

The creepy taxidermy at Chuck Testa’s studio

The hilarious and sometimes disturbing examples of animal art have been compiled by fan and author Kat Su.

Taxidermy Teacher

Kat Su, took up the unusual hobby as a quirky way of decorating her apartment

Fashion designer Kat, 27, discovered the world of taxidermy when she was looking for new ways to decorate her New York apartment.

Taxidermy Teacher

Plate of dead squirrels, anyone?

Despite at first just looking for cushions Kat began to find taxidermy went a lot further than that with some dubious results.

Taxidermy Teacher

Students learning how to create taxidermy

Her findings kicked off a popular blog with people all over the world submitting their own spots of ‘Crap Taxidermy’ – which has now become the title of Kat’s new book.

She said: “I wanted my apartment to feel cosier, and I ended up looking up taxidermy instead of the usual throw pillows and blankets.

“The taxidermy that is executed really well is prohibitively expensive, and the taxidermy that was in my price range was cheap for a reason.

“All the bad stuff that I was finding became the origins of the blog.

“It was never my goal to make a book, that happened out of sheer luck. I had no idea there was that much taxidermy out there.

“It seems like a very fringe skill, and there really aren’t that many professional taxidermists or hobbyist taxidermists out there in the population at large. But they still have a pretty prolific body of work.”

Kat has seen so much taxidermy she now has categories which the artwork can be classed by including – wonky eyes, dodgy mouths, dynamic poses, strange anatomy, hybridised animals and those pretending to be people, anthropomorphic.

She said: “I think I’ve already seen everything. This will sound morbid, but I’m currently waiting for my cat to die because I would love to see her in an anthropomorphic scenario — like an old Walter Potter piece.

“But I take really good care of her, and she’s very spoiled, so it will probably be another decade or so before she passes from old age.

“In the book I’m very light on text, so there aren’t that many language barriers.

“And the concept of laughing at badly stuffed animals – very bizarre stuffed animals seems to transcend all cultural borders.”

Crap Taxidermy by Kat Su, is available from for £7.99.