There’s No Lazying About In This Hammock! Innovative Mechanic Has Stripped This Car And Replaced The Driver’s Seat For A Hammock

A mischievous mechanic has transformed an everyday hatchback into a hybrid of a hammock and a car.

Emile Luijben and his assistant wheeled in a Suzuki hatchback into his workshop in Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands, with the plan to replace the driver’s seat with a hammock.

The pair began by removing the roof and windshield, to install poles that will support the hammock in the final form.

The steering mechanism, the accelerator and brake were re-positioned so the driver could lie in the hammock and drive simultaneously.

After a successful build, the pair took the new and improved car out for a test with the driver swinging quite vigorously over bumps and around corners, but the car drives with relative comfort

Emile said: “We do what we like most and hope to inspire other people to start their own projects.

“The ideas just pop into my head, so I keep a list of creations I would like to build, sometimes we just pick one and start building.

“I like disassembling old machinery to find the parts I need to build something completely different.

“I enjoy testing the vehicles most, the test is the climax of the build.”