There’s A Hair In My Food! Hairdresser Transforms Hair Into Styles Inspired By Pizzas, Burgers And Hotdogs

A quirky hairdresser has travelled the world transforming people’s hair into incredible replicas of fast food including pizza, hotdogs and burgers.

Mykey O’Halloran, 27, from Melbourne, Australia, specialises in crazy cuts, colours and creating unique hair styles whilst raising money for Make A Wish charity.

PIC FROM @rainbowroadtrip/ Caters News: Mykey OHalloran with one of his clients

With his first inspiration originating from fruit, Mykey now travels the world to create all sorts of scrumptious styles.

The hairdresser of 12 years started experimenting with colours before he took the plunge to create fast food as well as sculptures – taking an average of eight hours for each one.

Mykey has raised over £19,000 [$36k AUD] for the charity in loving memory of his late cousin Meaghan, who raised over one million [2m AUD] for the charity in Australia.

He said: “I am a rainbow colour hair specialist, it is very rare that I dye someone’s hair just brown or blonde.

PIC FROM @rainbowroadtrip/ Caters News

“I absolutely love being creative and doing it for a good cause makes it so much more enjoyable.

“My first fundraiser, I shaved quarter of my rainbow hair off for every $2,500 I raised, so I was walking around looking like a lawn mower had gone through the middle of my head.

“I then decided to try something different and began experimenting even more, I made my own hair into a pineapple.

“I went on to transform my own hair into a strawberry and a kiwi, but I needed more hair to be more adventurous with the styles.

“I recruit volunteers online who set up their own fundraising page for Make A Wish and then I can do whatever I want to their hair.

PIC FROM @rainbowroadtrip/ Caters News

“The hardest hair style was making a pizza as I wanted it to look as authentic as possible.

“I mixed baby powder, icing sugar with the hair dye to make the cheese and created toppings out of hair.

“It was difficult, but I love a challenge. I’ve since made burgers, doughnuts and cheesy fries, I really enjoy thinking out of the box and creating crazy styles.”

Mykey travels to educate others on rainbow hair colours – his tour is named Rainbow Road trip and is sponsored by Manic Panic – a vegan and cruelty free cosmetic company – who have sent him across thee world, including London, America and Italy to transform people’s hair for charity using their hair dyes.

PIC FROM @rainbowroadtrip/ Caters News

He adds: “It is really important for me to make sure my cousin Meaghan’s legacy lives on as we were really close, and I want to make her proud.

“Most people are supportive of my work as they have never seen anything like it before whilst some trolls online don’t understand I am doing this for a good cause.

“I decided to make my work international to help the raise more money for the children and I knew the Americans would appreciate my food inspired styles.

“In the future, I would love to tour Ireland and use green only to create anything and everything Irish.”

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PIC FROM @rainbowroadtrip/ Caters News