The real wonderland – Magical mirror book store!

Pic by Shao Feng/Caters News

This bookshop can give you a real Alice in Wonderland experience – by taking you right down the rabbit hole.

The stunning interior of the Zhongshuge shop in China uses curved shelves and a mirrored floor to make the tunnel of books appear endless.

Anyone browsing the collection appears to be tumbling past the pages.

Other areas of the store, in the city of Hangzhou, contrast curving white walls against black ceilings to give the impression the books are kept in an underground network of caves.

Pic by Shao Feng/Caters News

Design director Li Xiang is proud of the 10,800 sq ft building, which he describes as a ‘refuge’ for readers.

Li Xiang said: “Hangzhou Zhongshuge is always adhering to its initial desire to emerge as the most beautiful bookstore for readers.

“It constantly strives to work on being the most culturally artistic bookstore, from learning how to walk, to live, to brave and to persevere.”

Pic by Shao Feng/Caters News 

“In today’s distracting and harassing context, you still can find a place to rest your soul.”

The store was photographed in April by Shao Feng.