The Braidy Bunch! Creative Mum Transforms Daughter’s Hair Into Amazing Easter Basket – Complete With Eggs

This creative mum transformed her daughter’s hair into an amazing Easter basket – complete with eggs.

Businesswoman Erin Balogh, 43, filmed the video of her braiding ten-year-old daughter Quinn’s hair at their home in San Marcos, California, USA, earlier this month.


In the clever tutorial, the mum-of-three shows how to create the quirky holiday hairstyle using hairclips, a headband, elastics, miniature Easter eggs, Easter basket grass and ribbons.

Erin said: “I learned to braid when I was 10 and use to practice on my three sisters all the time.

“Basically, you want to think about how to give the hair structure to become a basket.


“The headband provides that structure by acting as the frame for the handle, and giving an anchor to attach the braids to  become the sides of the basket.

“People’s reaction has been mostly surprise and admiration – people say ‘wow, that actually looks like an Easter Basket’ or ‘that’s amazing’.

“The biggest challenge is getting the braids to lie nicely on their sides and hiding the ends of one braid into the other and vice versa so it looks like one continuous braid going around.

“I came up with the idea last Easter trying to think of an Easter hairstyle.


“Braiding is a little like basket weaving, and Quinn’s hair is similar in colour to baskets so I thought it might work.

“It took a little experimenting but after practicing a time or two it came out like I imagined it could.

“Anyone can learn to braid – I love the creativity and challenge of it.”