That auto taste good! Couple inspired by their toddlers love of toy cars create working remote controlled car cake complete with lights

Pic from Caters News 

A couple inspired by their toddler’s love of toy cars have made a remote controlled car cakecomplete with working lights.

Angie and Stuart Scott joined forces to create the sponge Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 after playing with their son, Jake.

The three-year-old was playing ‘monsters’ with his dad – pretending to eat his toy cars – and that’s when the idea came about.

Stuart, 35, said: “We were just messing about as you do and that’s when the idea struck me.

“I work in projection mapping so am handy with electrics and Angie had gotten into baking while on maternity leave.

“It was trial and error and I got through a few cars in the process but we’re pretty pleased with the end result.”

Much to Jake’s delight the couple went onto build the remarkable orange car using parts from a toy car, vanilla sponge and green apple buttercream.

The impressive creation is a fully working remote-controlled car and even has functioning headlights and brake lights.

Pic from Caters News

As the finished product coincided with Stuart’s birthday Angie, 36, decided to present it as a birthday cake but unsurprisingly it was Jake that ate it.