Ten-year-old pops wheelies and performs doughnuts – while driving a tractor

A pint-sized schoolboy is wowing crowds with his jaw-dropping tractor stunts.

Ratanjith Patil performing a wheelie

Ratanjith Patil performing a wheelie

Ratanjith Patil, 10, has become a master behind the wheel of the family plough – performing daredevil stunts such as wheelies and drifts.

The youngster, from Sangli, Maharashtra, India said: “I love to perform these stunts. It fills me with thrill and excitement.

“I enjoy it when people cheer for me as I show them what I can do with my tractor.”

Ratanjith learnt to drive a tractor from his uncle Dhanajay Patil, 40, when he was just seven.

Ever since, he has practiced for three hours a day.

Ratanjith Patilon his tractor

Ratanjith Patilon his tractor

But shockingly he doesn’t wear any safety gear while displaying the nail-biting acts.

Ratanjith says: “I know these death-defying stunts could be fatal but I do not think they are really dangerous.

“It is all about tricks and I know them very well. I am very attentive when I perform and not scared of any unfortunate incident. I am very brave.”

Ratanjith’s nerve-shredding actions have made him a star in his village – and his uncle, who mentored him, is very proud.

Dhananjay says: “People often ask me why I took the risk of teaching these dangerous stunts to a little kid but I knew he had keen interest in tractors.

Ratanjith Patil with his tractor

Ratanjith Patil with his tractor

“One day, I saw him reversing the tractor – several times bigger than his size, with ease and perfection. It was then that I asked him if he would like to learn some action. And he was more than eager.”

The uncle and nephew practiced the stunts for hours in the fields but kept it hidden from Ratanjith’s parents for a long time as both knew they would object.

The parents learnt about their son’s talent only after watching him on TV giving an audition for a talent show.

Ratanjith’s father Bajarang Patil, 45, said: “We were shocked when we saw him doing the dangerous stunts.

“He was always interested in tractors. But that he would one day perform stunts with the tractor was beyond our imagination. It took us a while to comprehend the fact.”

Ratanjith Patil performing a wheelie whilst standing up

Ratanjith Patil performing a wheelie whilst standing up

He added: “Of course, we were worried initially and even tried to stop him but he was determined and took us in confidence. Thankfully, he has never been hurt.”

“Now we enjoy watching him perform and feel good when people call him Stunt Kid.”

And brainy Ratanjith – who still continues to ace his studies – wishes to take his passion for tractors further, dreaming of designing his own driver-less tractor.

He said: “I want to become the best stuntman in the world. And design a censor-laced tractor that would not need a driver. It will help people in the fields.”