Teenage superfan spends £6,000 travelling the world to meet celebs

A teenage superfan has spent £6,000 traveling the world to meet her favourite celebs.

Aged just 18, Lucy Hughes, from Rochdale, Manchester, has already made two trips to Hollywood, one to Bali and one to Paris to follow her idols – as well as following them all over the UK.

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The McDonalds worker has met Canadian superstar Shawn Mendes, popstar Ed Sheeran, One Direction singer Harry Styles, chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, vlogger Joe Sugg, YouTuber Cameron Dallas, radio presenter Nick Grimshaw, McFly, Louis Van Gaal, Jack Whitehall, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, Brooklyn Beckham and David Beckham – and even bumped into Khalid in Bali.

And journalism student Lucy admitted she has been forced to play all sorts of dirty tricks to get up close and personal with her favourite celebs – including faking tickets and making up sob stories.

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Lucy, who admits her parents help fund her extravagant celeb-chasing holidays, said: “I got into a habit of regularly meeting celebrities no matter who they were – I just went and met anybody and everybody from around 15.

“As I got older, I got into a habit of meeting celebrities, no matter who they were.

“I snuck into events and shows that I didn’t have tickets for, I made fake wristbands and made up sob stories, as well as crying to security.

“They eventually let me in for free!

“I’d even photocopy wristbands or tickets and then stand in a different part of the queue to my friends.

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“I’d say I’ve spent around 6K on flights, hotels, train tickets, flights, tickets, posters, merchandise and cd’s. It can be quite expensive but I enjoy it. I’ve met so many friends through it.”

Lucy first got into following celebs in her hometown of Manchester aged 15.

The student claims when The X Factor judge, Louis Tomlinson, was holding auditions for a girl band in Manchester in 2016 – she rang different venues pretending she was auditioning in order to meet the star.

In 2015, the mega-fan recalls travelling to Los Angeles with friend, Claire, to see Lost in Japan hitmaker Shawn Mendes on his first headline show at The Greek Theatre.

During Lucy’s trip, she also met chat show host, Ellen DeGeneres along with a list of other famous faces.

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In 2017, Lucy and Claire also flew to the French capital, Paris to see Sign of The Times star Harry Styles on his first solo tour.

Her favourite stars are Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles – who she claims she would definitely continue to follow.

Lucy said: “When Shawn announced his show in LA – I noticed the show was on my birthday, so we decided to go and make a holiday of it too.

“I met Harry in his hometown, just near Warrington on Christmas Eve.

“I knew he was home, so I went out with my friends for dinner to a pub that Harry visits, I went to the toilet and Harry was just sat near the door.

“I almost threw up with nerves.

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“I walked to my friends and said, ‘Harry is there’, and nobody believed me. Harry was very drunk.

“Honestly, it was the best time ever. I’ve travelled up and down the country to see One Direction.

“Louis was the first member of One Direction I ever met, him and Niall are lovely and make sure you’re okay and get your pictures or autographs. I’ve met all of One Direction, but, Harry was definitely the nicest – he cracks jokes with you. He’s more down to his roots.

“I met Brooklyn and David Beckham at The Grove on Melrose Ave whilst on holiday in Hollywood, Brooklyn announced a book signing for his book and then David rocked up with the family, minus Victoria – I was gutted she wasn’t there.”