Tat’s too much! Tattoo artist, 27, etches 442 tattoos brand name inkings onto body to get Guinness World Record 

An Indian tattoo artist has inked 442 logos of his favourite brands onto his body in an attempt to create a world record. 

Jason George, 27, from Mumbai, is so passionate about his talent he has etched 521 tattoos onto his body in total including the faces of his parents, girlfriend and brother. 


Calling his tatts a ‘timeline of life’, Jason has also inked 442 brand logos across his skin – including the logos of his first toy car, his mobile phone, his school, college, favourite newspaper, TV channel, and camera. 

He keeps adding more tattoos with each accomplishment, recently adding the Volkswagen logo to his body after buying a Sedan last year.

Jason said: “I know people think I am crazy but my tattoos are a timeline of my life. 

“From the first mobile phone I bought to my first college, my first toy, and camera and the things I have seen or used in my life, I have etched those as tattoos on my body.

“I can recall my entire life, how my life has been through them.”


Jason, who owns Mumbai’s 21 Tattoo Studio, has spent a whopping £7,900 on his bizarre passion.

It has even earned him a name in the Limca Book of Records – the Indian equivalent of Guinness World Records, which he now has his sights set on. 

Jason said it was never his plan to get his full body tattooed but a strong urge to create a world record led him to get inked all over his body. 

He said: “I got my first tattoo at the age of 16. It was a skull. 

“Then I planned to get a full sleeve tattoo but after an artist ruined my hand, I decided to become a tattoo artist myself. 


“It was never in the plan as I was studying multimedia but later dropped out of college. 

“When I was 17, I randomly discussed with a friend that I was planning to get a Coca-Cola tattoo done. 

“The reason was just how the logo used to look and how popular it was. 

“My first record was in 2014 when I was inked 144 times in a month.

“Then I had 177 tattoos in one month in 2015. 

“But I broke my own record by having 100 tattoos in just ten days in 2017.


“I was always drawn to logos. I was only five when I started observing logos of popular brands. I knew the quality lied with the brand names.

“Then six years ago, I thought of the idea of making a world record for most number of tattoos. 

“People thought that I was getting crazy, even tattoo artists would ask me why I am doing this but I knew what I wanted. 

“I don’t regret these or think of a chance of removing these.”

Jason’s bizarre interest had his parents George Mathew and mother Mercy George, both 48, initially miffed.

But when he began to gain fame, they were placated and they now love his bizarre hobby.


Jason said: “I have a portrait of my parents on my ribs. 

“Initially, when I told them my plan, they had lost all hope in me and were completely against it.

“Everyone would talk about me and my long hair. 

“But after a newspaper published an article about my feat in 2014, people went with the cutting to congratulate my parents. 

“It was then they realised I was doing something in my life.”

Jason now hopes to get a place in Guinness World Records but needs funds for the application. 

He addedL “I want my name registered with Guinness World Records but for that I need £13,000. 

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the huge funds required at the moment, but I am hoping to get help to fulfil my long-cherished dream.”