Taken for a sucker? Leech facial footage shows off latest extreme beauty trend loved by the stars

THIS is the blood curdling moment a beauty fan tries out the latest extreme make up trend – by letting a LEECH suck on her skin.

Sabrina Sieck tried out the unusual skincare treatment, which is loved by stars including model Miranda Kerr, and claims to leave you feeling and looking healthier.

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There are as few as five private practice doctors in America using leeches for the bizarre facial treatment.

And the footage is enough to make your skin crawl as it shows the leech crawling all over Sabrina’s neck and face.

The creepy crawly even urinated on Sabrina twice as it made its way up her neck before she was covered in leech vomit as part of the process.

Dr. Nidia Diaz is one of those who carries out the practice and said a leech facial can leave you feeling “amazing”.

With 32 brains, three jaws and 300 teeth leeches pack a lot of punch into their slimy segmented bodies.

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They’ve been used in medicine for centuries, first in Egypt about 2,500 year ago and to this day by a small handful of private practitioners.

Guinea pig Sabrina said: “Believe it or not, I wouldn’t hesitate to try leech therapy again whether for medical issues like migraines or simply for beauty. My skin has never felt so soft.

“The only downside was that the leech urinated on me twice. His sweat would also drop down my chest, too.”

Ripley Entertainment Inc / Caters News

Dr Diaz added: “Your skin after a leech facial looks like you sandblasted it. It’s amazing.

“These leeches are placed on this Earth to help heal humans, and hopefully one day a lot more people with accept that.

“I had one patient who came in with a bursted blood vessel in her eye. The white of her eye was completely black with blood.

Ripley Entertainment Inc / Caters News

“Usually, that would take weeks to disolve. We decided to put a leech on the side of her temple, it injected it’s wonderful cocktail of biochemicals, and in three days the eye was completely white.”

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