Stylish reveals eye-catching pieces of aft hidden beneath layers of hair after spending over eight hours dying it

An inventive hairdresser reveals vibrant pieces of eye-catching art, hidden beneath locks of hair using pixelated technology.

Cristina Vigna, 31, showcases her proficiency to create masterpieces throughout her clients’ hair, in the form of flamingos, Minions and unicorns.

Pixelating the images using a new technique, the salon owner spends more than eight hours perfecting the art – claiming she experienced ‘many sleepless nights’ in the process.

PICS BY Cristina Vigna / CATERS NEWS

Cristina, from Romagnano Sesia, Italy, felt like her ‘mind melted’ leading up to her mastering how to paint an impressive picture on such a challenging canvas.

The salon owner soon became an internet sensation, after a video of her revealing three bright pink flamingos, hidden underneath layers of brunette hair went viral, received more than 62,000 views.

Cristina said: “A few months ago, I attended a XPresion Creativos seminar in Madrid – it was there I first learnt their pixel technique.

“This was a dream come true for me, they are fantastic men.

“On my return home, I began practicing the patterns I had learnt in Madrid by drawing them on graph paper, I incorporated my love for nature and flamingos in this.

PICS BY Cristina Vigna / CATERS NEWS

“I experienced many sleepless nights, and at times, my mind melted attempting to crack the design – suddenly something clicked and I just got it!”

The hairdresser of over a decade owns a salon with her boyfriend in north Italy named ‘Hair Boutique di Roberto Marcon’.

The 31-year-old said: “Explaining how I achieved these pixelated designs step by step is impossible – I have to record videos of the techniques for my followers to get their heads around the entire process.

“The flamingo took five hours to dye, the minions and unicorn however, took me eight hours.

“I’m very lucky that my friends trust me to do what I like to their hair.

PICS BY Cristina Vigna / CATERS NEWS

“I think ‘Minions’ was the hardest piece I have created so far, the first step is bleaching and then toning the client’s hair.

“The result is given by the toning as the characters silhouette is just a rectangle.

“If you do not precisely follow your guide from the first step, you risk getting the entire job wrong.

“What I love the most is the unknown – what you draw on paper doesn’t necessarily reflect what will appear on hair.”