Stunning Christmas advent house for a staggering £12,000 – but there is no chocolate to be seen

A delicate Christmas advent house, which has 24 windows to be opened during the Christmas period, is on sale for a staggering £12,000.

Wedgwood Advent house

The impressive advent calender worth £12,000

The Advent House has been handcrafted by designers at UK based luxury brand Wedgwood, but behind each carefully crafted window is a porcelain ornament instead of the usual chocolate treat.

Wedgwood Advent house

However, instead of a chocolate, a beautifully decorated porcelain decoration hides behind each door

The model house has been created based on classic Georgian architecture and the individual porcelain ornaments come with their own velvet pouch, to be enjoyed on each day of advent.

Wedgwood Advent house

Inspired by Georgian architecture, each item comes in a luxury, velvet pouch

The house’s rear doors open fully to allow safe storage of the ornaments before they are unveiled during advent.

Wedgwood Advent house

Created by luxury brand, Wedgwood, only 3 limited edition houses have been made for the festive season

A spokesperson from Wedgwood, said: “This truly captivating treasure trove is full of seasonal cheer and is sure to earn its place as a family heirloom of the future to be enjoyed by all, year after year.

“Just three limited edition Advent Houses have been made are are only available from Harrods and Wedgwood.”