Stuff of nightmares? Stunning lake looks like Edvard Munch’s the scream

The stuff of nightmares? This stunning geyser lake looks just like Edvard Munch’s impressionist masterpiece THE SCREAM.


The incredible natural phenomenon is caused by thermal springs in the middle of the lake which churn up blue mud and create the startling images.

Photographer Anton Petrus, from Kiev, captured what appears to be the figure from the famous painting in the turquoise geyser lake in Ulagansky district, Russia.

Scream Lake

Anton, 30, said: “I love interesting natural phenomena including clouds, storms, and lightning.

“You have to be very patient though because sometimes you have to wait for weeks to get the right conditions to capture the perfect picture.”

Scream Lake

He said that despite the plunging temperatures the two-metre deep lake never freezes due to the thermal springs.

He said: “When we visited the lake and I took these pictures I was struck by how much it reminded me of Edward Munch’s Scream painting.”