Student paradise home for just £1k 

This has to be the best student house in the UK.

While most students return to freezing houses and essay stress after lectures, these lucky pals come home and chill out in their own HOT TUB.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Although the front looks like a standard terraced house familiar to millions of undergrads, the garden has been transformed into a post-study paradise.

The whole place is kitted out with decking and astroturf, with floor lighting and even fairy lights dangling above the water.

A barbecue and plenty of space to stand a beer bottle make the garden a perfect chill-out or party pad for pals Rhiannon Corbett, 20, Steph Ball, 21, and Jessica Wrightson, 20.

Henry Debenham, 21, was inspired to create the ultimate student’s yard after successfully transforming last year’s digs into a beer garden.

He splashed out just shy of £1,000 to pull the whole thing off.

The house is now so popular with students at the University of Lincoln that when it went up on the letting website it is snapped up within an hour.

Henry, who lives in the house, said: “The idea was just to make a dream place to hang out. We wanted the ultimate student house.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“The inspiration behind it really was the beer garden from last year. I took that idea and thought about how I could make it even better.

“Me and my friends had actually thought about the hot tub last year and almost got as far as installing it, but we chickened out at the last minute because we were worried about the running costs.

“As it turns out, they’re really not that high, and everyone loves it. We’re in it almost every evening.

“It looks its best at night when it’s all lit up from the floor and above. It looks really cool.

“The whole space is about as far away from library as you can get which is what makes it perfect.”

After getting hold of the house before the summer, Henry set about transforming the back garden from a gravelled children’s play area to a swanky student version.

The shed is soon to house a projector for the housemates’ favourite TV shows and movies, and the floor is entirely astroturfed to be soft underfoot.

He’s also added a barbecue to complete the perfect hosting space.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Henry, who graduated from a business degree this summer, said: “It took several weeks to overhaul it and the work is still ongoing.

“We’re doing up the inside of the house as well to make it as nice as possible, and have plans to use the double garage as a party room or a games room. We could do anything really.

“As students people still deserve a stylish place to live but it’s got to be a little bit different.

“The atmosphere in the house is really great because of the time housemates get to spend together.

“There was once a small argument about who used the last loo roll, but to stop that we went out and bought an entire year’s supply.”

Zoe (WANTS SURNAME WITHHELD), Henry’s friend who lives in the house and studies at the University of Lincoln, said: “It’s an amazing place. The first time I saw it I thought it was crazy and I don’t think I’ll ever live anywhere as cool.

“I love coming back from uni, grabbing a drink and sitting in the hottub. It’s just perfect.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“I was really excited when I heard what Henry’s plan for it was and asked him straight away if I could move in.

“We have friends coming round all the time to join us, and most people are really jealous about what we have.

“It’s not surprising really. It’s awesome.”

Henry has recently set up his own student housing company in Lincoln and is hoping to provide more quriky student houses if the hottub continues to be a success.