Stub it out mate i’m fuming! Hilarious vid shows prankster messing with pal’s cigarettes

This hilarious video shows cheeky prankster, Martin Sokolinski, messing with his pal’s cigarettes, leaving him positively fuming.

Shot in Brisbane, Australia, the video includes a variety of attempts by Martin, 28, to stop his mate, Michael, from smoking.

From dropping a water balloon into his crotch to filling his tobacco pouch with cockroaches, Michael, 27 can be seen getting increasingly frustrated as his comedian friend shows no signs of relenting.

Martin said: “Michael has been smoking on and off for ten years.

“He’s quit many times but can never seem to stop completely.”

Having already made one video to pressure his mate into quitting, Martin made this second video so the public could get involved and help Michael to kick the habit once and for all.

“He’s well and truly sick of me messing with him and his cigarettes but he knows I’m only doing it because it’s unhealthy for him.”