Strictly cam dancing – Chameleon shows off his dance moves

A chameleon shows off his dance moves in an attempt to blend into his surrounds.

Chamille, the four-month-old chameleon, is owned by 24-year-old, Gabe Shuler, from Charleston, South Carolina, and is attempting to do what is known as the ‘leaf dance’.

PIC FROM Caters News

The dance is used by chameleons to blend into their surroundings by rocking back and forth imitate the moves of leaves in the breeze.

Gabe said: “I’ve had her for about three weeks she is my first chameleon but she is far from my first reptile.

“She is a veiled chameleon and what you see here is her trying to blend, the purpose is to mimic the way leaves and branches blow in the wind hence its name the ‘leaf walk’.”

Gabe posted the video on a reptile Facebook group but said people were completely amazed to learn that chameleons use this defense mechanism.

He said: “I’ve always had a passion for reptiles ever since I was in third grade.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I remember it like yesterday, the local forest service sent a guy with a bunch of the native reptiles and amphibians to do an educational show at our elementary school.

“I’ve learned all I can about them and it has evolved from an interest, into a hobby and now into a passion.

“Now Chamille gets to be a part of that passion and I hope this video of her brings people as much joy as she brings me.”