Spudding inventors! Youtubers come up with a clever way to peel your potatoes 

A YouTuber came up with an innovative way of peeling your spuds in the blink of an eye with the use of a drill.

Howard Taylor, a precision engineer from Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, runs the YouTube channel, Dubious Engineering, aimed at educating people on all things engineering in a humorous way.

Caters News

Howard and his friend had gotten together to film some footage but came up with the ingenious idea when they were looking to make some mash potato for their lunch.

Howard said: “I believe beer was the creative element involved in all of this, we were using the drill to make some holes in the plastic casing of a vintage toy called a BigTrack.

“I had bought some meatballs and we needed some mash potatoes to eat with it and fast!

“The beer suggested there was a much faster way to peel the potatoes, so we set about engineering some mash potatoes which was far faster than doing it by hand.

“If someone was to use this technique themselves, I would suggest the peeling happens over a big bin, and the wood-drill-bit is thoroughly cleaned to make sure you are not introducing any contaminants into the Potatoes.

Caters News

“That said, it was indeed hilariously good fun and 2kg of potatoes were peeled in seconds instead of minutes.”

Howard set up his channel five years ago and he now has over 800 subscribers.

He said: “On the Dubious Engineering YouTube channel you will find many more food/life hacks.

“It includes chopping beans by keeping them in their bag and using a really sharp knife, saving baked beans by using a plastic lid and the fastest way to chop carrots using a homemade lawnmower turned up-side-down!”