Spellbinding sale: RARE Moving Harry Potter movie poster breaks world record selling for $18,000!

A rare ‘moving’ Harry Potter movie poster has broken the world record after selling for $18,000 (12kGBP)

The poster from The Prisoner of Azkaban was one of six full-size prototypes produced but never issued by Warner Bros.

It shows a portrait of Harry’s longsuffering godfather Sirius Black, portrayed by Gary Oldman in the film adaptation, shackled as part of a wanted poster – from different angles he fades into fully disappearing.


The design was intended to mimic the 2014 film’s poster in real life – the third instalment of the Potter franchise.

It went under the hammer with Heritage Auctions, fetching a whopping $18,000 (12kGBP), which was more than six-times higher than the lowest estimate (3k -6k USD / 2.1k – 4.2k GBP).

The spellbinding sale made it the World’s Most Valuable Harry Potter Movie Poster to have been sold.

This is not the first time Heritage Auctions has broken a world record for Harry Potter items, previously auctioning off a rare first edition of the Philosophers Stone for $81,000 (12.6kGBP).

As well as the chair used by J.K. Rowling during the first two books for a staggering $394,000 (276kGBP).

Grey Smith, Director of Vintage Posters, said: “This is probably the rarest of all the lenticular posters Hollywood ever produced.

“After creating six of these prototypes at a facility in Michigan, Warner Bros decided that it was too expensive to put them into full production and so the project was dropped.

“The original estimate on it was $3,000 – $6,000, I thought it had a good chance of going to the upper ends of the estimate, but I had no idea it would almost triple the high end.

“We were quite pleased, the scarcity and what I would say is the huge popularity Harry Potter has grown through the years now and because the series itself is getting some age to it.

“Overall the auction did almost 2 million dollars, it was a very strong sale and this piece was one of those rarities that puts heritage at the top of the game in many ways.”

The winning bidder, who wished not to have his first name or location published, has been amassing a collection of HarryPotter items, ranging from first editions to an original back cover.

Mr. Fox, who is from the US but visits the UK, said: “It was certainly a very unique piece, there only being six in the world and it was such a memorable piece from the Harry Potter movie series.


“In the book and movie the poster moves. Warner Bros tried to replicate the movement seen in the movie with these items.

“You have seen normal wanted posters, but it made you think of what a wanted poster would look like in a Harry Potterworld, for them it was with motion.

“Anyone who has seen the movie immediately remembers that scene and poster.

“Our intent to frame it, put it up and share it, the simulation of the motion is neat attribute of this item.”

Mr. Fox got into Harry Potter thanks to his daughter and now the family love the tales of the wizarding world.

He admits his favourite character is the protagonist Harry and his favourite piece is a First Edition of The Philosopher’s Stone and one of the rare library additions.

The dad sees it as a way to bond with his daughter, as well as keeping items that can evoke nostalgia, as he did growing up with baseball cards.

Mr Fox added: “It was my daughter’s favourite series, she was in second grade when she first read the original HarryPotter book and since then she’s been a huge fan.

“Because of her I became a huge fan too.

“Dependent on the item we enjoy all of the items in some form or fashion, from the ones you can display, which are fun to show and share.

“They make for pretty neat items to have given the uniqueness, we enjoy being able to display them to friends and family.

“It’s fun when you get older to be able to have some of those and remember.”

For more information on future bids visit: www.ha.com