Snowkiters go for a n-ice ride as they compete in world championships

This is the moment dozens of snow kite boarders managed to create a spectacular visual display as they competed in the World Snow Kiting Championships.

Snow kiters go for a N-ice Ride

The luminous winter kites brighten up winter skies during the world kite boarding championships

Pictured with an array of brightly coloured kites, the extreme athletes were seen lighting up the winter sky as they carved their way through the snow.

Snow kiters go for a N-ice Ride

The sport sees athletes use strong winds to perform various aerial stunts and tricks

The unusual sport, which sees athletes perform stunts and tricks by utilising the use of strong winds was held on the frozen waters of the Obskoye Water Reserve in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia.

Snow kiters go for a N-ice Ride

The sport can be dangerous as riders can be suddenly blown off course

Russian photographer, Ilnar Salakhiev, 40, managed to capture the riders in action as they use their luminous foil kites to gather high speeds.

Snow kiters go for a N-ice Ride

The sport began as way to travel quickly across ice by polar explorers but soon evolved into a high octane sport

Although the kites were initially used by polar explorers as a way to travel quickly over the ice, snow kite boarding soon took off as a sport in the US in the early 2000’s.

Ilnar said: “This event is incredible to photograph, the colours of the kites really stand out against the white of the surroundings.

“The riders are very brave to take part in the sport, they can reach high speeds and have to react quickly to sudden gusts of winds.

“From a distance the kites resemble a flock of brightly coloured birds, the event is a photographer’s dream.”