Small fry! Artist whips up miniature plates of her favourite food from around the world

THESE amazing tiny dishes may look good enough to eat – but they are all actually made from clay.

Artist Shilpa Mitha started making the mini meals after creating tiny burger earrings for herself.

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But for Shilpa, who lives in India, making the miniature food has now become a full time job after friends loved her tiny creations.

Now she whips up culinary fakes inspired by food from around the world – but her focus remains on the dishes from her home nation.

Her body of work includes a full English fry up, burger and chips, sushi and even a mini jar of Nutella.


Shilpa, 30, said: “I started off working with clay sometime back in 2011.

“I wanted to make myself a pair of burger earrings. I used to do miniature paper quilling but wanted to try the burger with clay since it’s a more versatile medium than clay.

“I didn’t think it was going to turn into a career at that point of time!

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“I finished the piece and my friends loved it and wanted to get one for themselves.

“At the same time, I also figured out that there’s an entire world of miniature art.

“Since it was unheard of in India, I decided to try my hand it.

“I started working on Indian miniature food since I wanted it to be unique. The scale is 1:6 scale and it has been a huge success.

@suenosouvenir / Caters News

@suenosouvenir / Caters News

“My focus is mostly on Indian food. There’s a huge variety in my country. I don’t have any favourite as such.. I love them all. But the more realistic they look on photos, the happier I am.

“Now I sell my work and this is my full time job.

“Right from the beginning my family and friends have been extremely supportive of the work I do. Even when I was a novice.


“They still encouraged me, they were my first customers and I definitely got more customers because they went around telling all their friends about it.”

Shilpa sells her mini works of art here: