Sleeping ruff! Hot dog sets up home for the night in the fridge!

Pic by Caters News 

This is one hot dog!

Elvis, the french bull dog, couldn’t cool off – so he decided to set up for the night in the fridge.

But he doesn’t always wait until he’s invited in by his owner, he loves it so much that he jumps in at any opportunity.

The four-year-old pooch has been refrigerating himself since he was just a pup.

His owner, Jessica Stebbins, from Boston, said: “It was a hot day and we had just come back from a walk, he loves the coolness on his belly.

“I don’t let him stay in there for too long because I can’t have the food spoiling.

“He has been doing this since he was a puppy, he’s done it a million times before.

Pic by Caters News 

“He started doing it on his own when we would open the fridge.

“Everything he does is out of the ordinary, he is a very strange dog!

“One thing is that in the winter he loves to be blow-dried.

“I guess you can say he is very sensitive to temperature.”