Simply Gore-geous! Talented Make-up Artist Creates Insanely Realistic Gory Make-up That Will Creep You Out

A talented make-up artist uses her skills in order to create gruesome and gory designs that will leave you shocked.

Most people spend hours lathering themselves in make-up in order to enhance their beauty.

However, for talented freelance make-up artist Isobelle Carmichael, she uses make-up in order to create gory and violent designs that would make you double take because of how incredibly realistic they appear.

The 20-year-old started filming make-up tutorials back in June 2017 after becoming unwell and wanting to do something creative with her spare time.

The self-taught make-up prodigy decided to create scary creations in a bid to shock online viewers.

Isobelle can be seen crafting a jagged outline on her face with the help of a pair of scissors, before giving the pure white make-up a realistic fleshy look.

The gaps were then filled in with bright blood red gel for that horror-movie effect.
The disgustingly graphic finished product of a ripped open face looks more like something from the film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ than the latest issue of Vogue.

Isobelle said: “”This design was particularly difficult, mainly because I misplaced my scissors so it took so much longer to complete!

“I get a pretty good mix of reactions from people.

“Some admire it and think it’s a neat art form, while other’s see it and think it is the most disgusting thing ever!
“A few people don’t understand that it’s only makeup. I’ve even had a couple of my posts removed by Instagram because they were reported.”