Seven-year-old Wows Internet With Breakdancing Skills Despite Dwarfism

A seven-year-old has wowed the internet with his breakdance skills, overcoming dwarfism.

DJ Loheit, from Sacramento, California, has managed to get his breakdancing skills up to an impressive level in less than a year of practice.

DJ, who travels around the United States with his mother Nicole, never fails to attract crowds as he spins on the ground and walks on his hands with ease, even bringing New York’s Time Square to a halt with one performance. 

Nicole says her son’s love for breakdancing sparked as soon as the kid saw his first tutorial video on YouTube.

Nicole said: “DJ fell in love with it immediately, and it was clear that he had a talent.

“His dwarfism definitely helps him because it means he has more upper body strength and a low centre of gravity.

“He has done most of the learning on his own, and in the future, he wants to become a professional acrobat.”