Seeing is believing – Man creates invisible box viral trend after fooling his teammates

A young man has created a viral trend of stepping over an ‘invisible box’ – after fooling his team mates.

Dontez Hines, 18, has caused a viral trend to erupt over the internet after posting a video of himself ‘stepping over the haters’ where he appears to be climbing over an invisible box.

Dontez took the internet by storm when he posted his hilariously clever video of him climbing over the ‘box’.

The graphic design student’s video fooled so many people, that it has now become a viral trend.

Dontez has since had viewers convinced that the video was ‘photoshopped’ and ‘fake’ because of how realistic it is.

Dontez, from Indiana, United States, said: “I came up with the invisible box challenge when I was just messing around one day.

“I had no motivation for it, I was just doing it to jokingly convince my teammates that I was seeing an invisible box.

“I only did it a few times and then asked a friend to record it and it happened perfectly.

“A lot of people couldn’t believe it, and a lot of them who didn’t see me do it in real life have said that it’s fake or photoshopped. But it’s 100% real.”