Mouse cafe installed in secret becomes city’s biggest cheese tourist attraction!

Pic by Anonymouse/Caters News 

A cafe for mice on the edge of a road has become a Swedish city’s most popular tourist attraction but the creators are Anonymouse.

The unusual instalment to the city of Malmo has become a hit with locals and tourists alike with flocks of people crowding to see it every day.

Amazingly the cafe just keeps getting bigger and more detailed as visitors have joined in, adding tiny decorations and even stuffed mice.

A spokesperson for Anonymouse said: “Almost immediately after we placed it on the street, people started to contributing to it.

“First there were posters, and then buns, and cheese and then it evolved from there with more bicycles, miniature newspapers, and so on.

“That’s when people also started to bring their own rodents there.

“At the moment we do not have any control over the little scene in itself but rather we like to encourage people to help out with the decorations.
The miniature restaurant which looks like the set of a Ratatouille sequel is causing a lot of excitement in Sweden’s third biggest city, Malmo- for children and adults alike.

The artists responsible who want to keep their identity a mystery, say this is just the beginning and plan on making at least ten more.

Pic by Anonymouse/Caters News 

Anonymouse said: “We believe that at some point most children like to imagine a world where
small animals live parallel to ours by taking care of objects we lose and use themselves.

“These imaginations are obviously fuelled by the movies of Disney and Don Bluth, as well as books by Astrid Lindgren and Beatrix Potter.

“We were quite surprised when people from all over the world started contacting us, the response has been overwhelming.

“We are currently working on another scene, which will also be placed somewhere in Malmö, but exactly where and when is still a secret.”

“The plan has always been to make more than one, the exact number varies but at least 10 and our hope was that children walking by would be excited and find it fun.

The spokesperson explained they got together for their love of creation but never expected it to reach so many people in the city and around the world on social media.

They said: “We, Anonymouse, share a common joy for constructing things and essentially just wanted to build something.

“We are not one person, but rather a loosely associated network of mice and men.

“We started on Noix de Vie and Il Topolino in March last year but we didn’t work on them constantly, rather just on the occasional weekend and such.

“It’s very exciting that something so small can travel so far.

Pic by Anonymouse/Caters News 

Maryna Karapetyan from Ukraine is one of the many fans of the cafe who uploaded a photo of it to Instagram.
She said: “Three months ago my husband and I moved to Malmö and so I am still discovering city.
“I am artist myself, and I love all kinds of street art, when it beautifully done.

“This tiny mouse cafe was something really new and fresh to me, this is like an opposition to the enormous murals, which are so popular in the world now and in my native Ukraine as well.

“I totally love such sweet small details, I think they make any city truly unique.

“Other people’s contributions to the cafe such as adding small posters, is also super awesome.

Malmo local, Paulina Dahl who also shared her photo of it online, said: “The cafe was such a surprise, I think it was installed by ‘Anonymouse’ during the night and it got really popular straight away!

“Word spread quickly and almost all of my friends in Malmö went to see it.

“It was hard to get a glimpse of it because it’s so crowded but you could tell the children love it.

“Over Christmas, people added details overnight such as a little Christmas tree and cute furniture.

“It’s definitely the cutest thing that happened in my city last year!”

Pic by Anonymouse/Caters News