Rotten flesh, flatulence, vomit or body odour? Custom candle designer makes tens of thousands from everyday smells.

This business owner makes tens of thousands of pounds creating the world’s WORST candle scents.

California-born banker, Jeffrey Bennett, 57, started the Stinky Candle Company after noticing his family’s adoration for scented candles and realising there was a gap in the market for those which offer the fragrances of real life.

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In 2013, he started experimenting with producing the product, and a year later, in 2014, his stinky candle business became an operational company, now based in Chicago.

Six years on, his part-time company turns over tens of thousands of dollars despite offering candles which smell like flatulence, vomit and even body odour.

Other bizarre flavours include nacho cheese, gasoline, chlorine, money, wet dog, beer, skunk, onion, and rotten flesh.

Dad-of-two Jeffrey said: “Most of our smells are true to life, and authentic.

“I can’t say in public what the worst smell request has been, but there are quite a few we have soundly rejected, as they’re too disgusting to consider.

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“Flatulence and vomit, scents we actually have created, are both up there.

“Some customers have asked us to mix our worst smells, like body odourand flatulence.

“The smell sticks to everything, which isn’t terrible if you are making baby powder, bubble gum or timber – but a real problem if I try to walk in the house after making body odour, flatulence or vomit.”

Jeffrey, who started the company with business partner Ben Rakozy, 39, and son, Alex Bennett, 29, said creating the candles starts with melting soy, paraffin or beeswax before adding coloured dye.

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Once the wax is melted, the fragrance is mixed in at different temperatures depending, on which one is being used.

The fragrances are made by several third party perfume houses, however, Jeffery and his partners often experiment with different smells themselves to create some of their most bizarre mashups.

Jeffrey said: “It seems simple and it is fairly straightforward on paper, but the process has some difficulties when put in practice.

“We do mix and create our own as well, but they are always based on sanctioned and tested fragrances.

“I am not a chemist and don’t desire to play one.

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“My wife made a rule that all clothes come off in the mud room, and I run upstairs and put them in the washer, and have a shower.

“We have favourite moments all the time, customer satisfaction and appreciation is always a highlight.

“When someone tells us the gift was perfect for their friend or family member, it’s exciting.

“After taking a major step in 2017, we have transitioned from a small garage based operation, to an established player in the candle making market that continues to grow and innovate.”