Revolutionary design makes eco-friendly pleasure yacht soar like it’s flying!

This revolutionary yacht looks to take sea travel to the next level, soaring across choppy waters as if it were FLYING.

Named the “Foiler,” the 870,000 GBP vehicle (1.24 million USD) has a cutting-edge design that keeps the hull of the boat about 1.5 meters above the surface, the body of the vessel is suspended on a pair of carbon fiber hydrofoils.

Through this design, the Foiler has far less drag and impact on the waves than a conventional yacht, allowing it to reach speeds of 40 knots.

The vessel is powered by two 320hp BMW engines, two electric generators and two electric torpedoes; it’s range is 130 nautical miles.

As well as blistering speeds, though, there is also a hybrid propulsion system, which offers a battery-powered cruising speed that is much quieter and capable of 10-knot speeds for around 10 minutes.

Because drag is greatly reduced, too, the Foiler is also environmentally friend, in that it uses 20 percent fuel than a regular yacht.

The Foiler was built by UAE-based firm ENATA and can fit seven passengers and one driver.

Alios Vieujot, manager of ENATA, said that the Foiler is ideal for a weekend yacht, or for those who don’t like the discomfort of sailing.

Pic by Guillaume Plisson / Caters

Since the Foiler was announced this month, ENATA has received a number of requests from potential customers.

Alios said: “The idea was to use the same tech as sailboats for the foils, so it would be easy to use and comfortable

“The boat is ideal for anyone that wishes to use it as a tender, or as a pleasure yachtto use on the weekend.

“A lot of our clients will be people who don’t want the discomfort of sailing and don’t want to get sea sick or deafening noise.

Pic by Guillaume Plisson / Caters

“Once you try this, you really can’t go back.

“I would like to add how it helps the environment compared to a regular yacht.

“Due to there being no drag, and the hybrid propulsion, it uses 20 percent less fuel than a regular yacht.

“On top of that, its extremely quiet and you won’t even notice it pass by, as well as it doesn’t leave a wake behind, thus not disturbing anyone.”