Relaxed skydivers – Wingsuit jumpers face the sky

These must be the world’s most relaxed skydivers.

While most people keep at least one eye on the fast-approaching ground, these wingsuiters have turned upside down to face the skies.

Zooming along at 4000 feet, the divers look they do not have a care in the world as they enjoy their descent.

In fact their billowing wingsuits makes it appear as those these jumpers are happily nestled under a duvet.

Pic by Jeff Donohue/Caters News

Pic by Jeff Donohue/Caters News

Pic by Jeff Donohue/Caters News

Jeff Donohue, who took the photos at the Flock and Dock event at the Zephyr Hills in Florida, said: “The pictures show wingsuiters engaging in backflying, a type of aerobatic move in with the wingsuiter flies all or a portion of the flight with his back to the Earth.

“It’s an advanced move even for a wingsuiter and it takes dozens of jumps to master.

“The suits show the inflation caused by air moving past and being scooped up by the vents close to the cutaway handle.

Pic by Jeff Donohue/Caters News

“They were about 4000 feet about the ground when the shots were taken.

“All of the images were taken on a camera mounted to my helmet. I trigger the shutter by pressing a small switch on the roof of my mouth with my tongue.”