Hardly a Dogs Dinner! Avid Baker makes stunning cakes which look real like dogs!

PIC By Laura Loukaides/ Caters News

These cakes are sure to cheer you up if you’re having a ruff day, as they look exactly like PUPPIES.

Clever baker Laura Loukaides, from Hertfordshire, spends up to two weeks crafting the sweet treats after developing an interest in baking five years ago.

The 23-year-old has made around 20 dog cakes, but amazingly doesn’t eat or sell them – instead making them for friends and family.

Back in 2012, Laura became addicted to cake shows in the run up to her 19th birthday, wanting to pick up tips for her own birthday cake.

PIC By Laura Loukaides/ Caters News

She then nurtured her interest into a full-blown hobby, and now bakes cakes on a regular basis for competitions and pals.

Laura said: “I first became interested in making cakes in April 2012 after watching countless episodes of Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes on Food Network.

“As my 19th birthday was coming up in the June, I practiced a few techniques so I could make my own birthday cake.

“I have always been passionate about art and design and baking is something I’ve done in my spare time, so it was amazing to find something which combined the two.

PIC By Laura Loukaides/ Caters News

“My mum is a keen baker too, so I have watched her bake many cakes.”

Laura, who showcases her designs on social media, enjoys the intricacy of creating real-life designs, with a dog cake taking anything from two days to two weeks to make.

She said: “I most often get inspired by real life subjects as I enjoy trying to re-create something as realistic as possible.

“Trying to make realistic cakes helped me to study the colours, textures and proportions of a subject, whereas simpler cakes help me to keep my work clean and presentable.

“A small sitting puppy cake can take me two days.

Cakes with two or three dogs can take a little longer, sometimes a week, depending on the size.


PIC By Laura Loukaides/ Caters News

“The most amount of time I have spent on a dog cake was for a competition in 2015 when I spent around two weeks making and decorating my three sleeping puppies cake.

“Each dog had to be shaped individually before I could airbrush the faces, but once the puppies were ready I then spent another five hours making and placing individual stitches into each blanket.”

She added: “One of my favourite cakes is one I made for a competition in November 2016.

“It was a bulldog puppy sleeping in a basket of toys.

“It took a while to complete as it had quite a few individual elements, but I really enjoyed working on it.

“I’m not sure which is my least favourite, but there are a couple of dog cakes I would change slightly if I made them again.

“Thankfully, I haven’t had any disasters yet.”

PIC By Laura Loukaides/ Caters News

The 23-year-old has also made a Hawaiian-themed Pug, a Shih Tzu, a dog in an aeroplane and a puppy dressed as a reindeer for Christmas.

She uses vanilla or chocolate sponge as the basis of her cakes before decorating them with fondant icing.

Laura added: “I most often work with vanilla or chocolate sponge with either buttercream or ganache filling.

“All of my cakes are decorated with fondant icing but can also include elements made from gum-paste, modelling chocolate and biscuit.

“Most of the dog cakes I make are either made for competitions or friends and family, but a few of them I have made for fun.

PIC By Laura Loukaides/ Caters News

“Sometimes they’re eaten, but are most often kept for display.”

The amazing baker has made around 20 dog-themed cakes so far, but insists she still has projects up her sleeve.

She said: “I still have so many more ideas planned which I can’t wait to work on.”


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