Rainbow hair don’t care! Girls multi-coloured mermaid style hair take internet by storm

A woman has taken the internet by storm with her incredible rainbow coloured locks that have attracted over 300,000 followers to her Instagram page.

Amy Witham, 23, from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, first started dying her hair at just 11-years-old but has gone onto make a living through blogging and producing her own range of hair extensions thanks to her wacky sense of style.


Named Amy the mermaid on her social media pages, the 23-year-old experimented with several looks but found her rainbow coloured was her favourite and managed to attract thousands of curious followers to her page.

Amy said: “I first went multi-coloured in 2014, I’ve had plenty of other colour combos before this but this one is just my favourite.


“I get a lot of compliments, the odd person can rudely stare and talk but it doesn’t bother me, I also get asked a lot ‘How do you dye it’.

“The attention doesn’t bother me. This hair is normal to me just like brown or blonde is to other people, so it can catch me a bit off guard when people do still stare at me.

“Outside of hair and beauty my passion is my horses! I would love to bring colour to the equestrian world somehow.”


However, locks this long take a lot of up keep and Amy re-dyes the roots every two weeks as well as topping up her colour every two to three weeks.

She also gets through three large bottles of shampoo and hair conditioner a week to maintain her hair which she enhances with hair extensions, after growing up as a brunette.

Amy now styles her hair on her social media accounts as well as creating make-up and fashion looks, all based on her flowing mermaid hairstyle.