Puppy performs unbelievable handstands every time he eats – because his ‘head is too big for body’



This hilarious puppy has been caught on camera performing HANDSTANDS every time he tries to eat – because the poor pooch’s head is ‘too heavy for his body’.

Fiona Harrison and her husband Craig, from Glasgow, Scotland, noticed Pablo’s strange habit when he was forced to eat from a plate because he was too small for a dog bowl.

Unbelievable footage shows the eight-week-old chihuahua’s behind lifting up to six inches off the ground behind him whenever he leans forward to eat – giving the appearance that invisible wires are lifting his bum into the air.

However, the bizarre habit is no camera trickery and instead 25-year-old Fiona thinks the dog’s handstands could be because he is overbalanced due to the size of his head compared to his tiny body.

Fiona said: “I’ve honestly no idea why he started holding his back legs in the air. I think he was struggling to balance – maybe his head was heavier than his bum.

“It seems like he’s trying to reach onto the plate but he’s so small he even struggled with that. We’d already had to swap from a dog bowl because he couldn’t reach his food.

“Pablo is always wreaking havoc around the house; he’s lovely and so, so cute.


“I took the video because I wanted to show my mum but kept missing it. She found it hilarious, as did everyone we showed.

“I don’t know any other dogs that do that. He’s so strange. Every time he was having his breakfast, lunch or dinner I’d forget to film it but this time I caught it.”

The couple, who got married in March this year, bought Pablo from a friend and admit it was the dog’s quirks that drew them to him.

While the puppy has finally started to get the hang of eating without doing handstands, he still sports a bizarre crooked tail like a pig.

Fiona, a barber, said: “Pablo’s our first dog together as a couple so he’s very special.


“He’s even cuter because he has a little-crooked tail where it spirals around.

“Pablo was only eight weeks old at the time [of filming the video] He’s 13 weeks now and seems to be getting the hang of [eating without tipping up].

“We picked him from the litter because he was by far the cutest.

“I think over time he’s getting used to the idea of eating and standing up at the same time.”