Policeman on the fiddle: Incredible moment cop steps on stage and blows bar away with impromptu violin performance

This awesome policeman blows an audience away at his new local bar, as he steps on stage and plays the violin.

In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA, the residents at Champs Sports Bar and Grill thought that when Officer John Landis was going to shut down their end of summer celebrations when he stepped into their locally-renowned beer garden.


Spotting the officer with his arms folded and looking very serious, videographer John Trione was suspicious that Officer Landis may have arrived as the result of a noise complaint, so he grabbed his camera to film what might be about to unfold.

Incredibly, though, Officer Landis had arrived for an entirely different reason, and instead of asking them to turn the noise down, he instead contributed to it, by stepping on stage to beginning to play the fiddle.

As the bow touches the violin, the confused crowd falls deathly silent, as Officer Landis unleashed into a jaw dropping medley of various famous fiddle bars.

The Officer’s performance is topped off by a rapturous applause by the stunned audience in the beer garden, with many of them walking over to high-five the master musician.

John said: “I saw Officer Landis standing off to the side of the stage, not smiling, and thought he was here to shut down the band that was

playing in the beer garden that day.

“It actually turned out that he was over there introducing himself to the band, telling them that he can play the violin.


“Michael Gerion, the violinist in the band that was playing, then handed over his instrument and invited him on stage.

“We were all so surprised and amazed, the packed bar went wild once he had finished.”

Jes Christenson, owner of Champs Sports Bar and Grill, said: “Champs enjoys a really good relationship with the Lake Geneva Police Department,

so it isn’t unusual to see foot patrols pass by – but nothing like this has happened before.

“It was all anyone could talk about for the rest of the evening.

“John Landis is new to the area, but he certainly made a lot of friends at the bar that day.

“We welcome him back anytime to showcase his talents again.”