Pint-loving parrot helps you wet your beak by opening beer bottles in Croatian pub

This pint-loving parrot will help you wet your beak by opening beer bottles.

If you’re spitting feathers, Jack will help quench your thirst at the World of Beer pub in Zagreb, Croatia.

Pic by Robert Anic / Caters News

After being adopted six-months-ago, the blue Ara parrot sits on owner Alen Janic’s bar top and uses his powerful beak to crack open a cold one.

Although he is normally rewarded with fruit, if Jack smells the booze has barley in, he can’t resist having a sip before letting the punter enjoy his beer.

Alen said: “Jack is the main attraction for us, he has completely won over the customers.

“They all bring in snacks for him and every bottle he opens they give him a prize.

“All day he sits on the terrace opening bottles until he goes to bed at 8pm.

“He can’t resist sweet beers, they are his favourite.”

Jack’s talents aren’t just limited to opening bottles as he has also learned some basic phrases to greet the regulars.

Pic by Robert Anic / Caters News

Alen said: “So far he has learned about twenty words.

“Jack can say ‘hi’, ‘how are you’, ‘what’s your name’ and things like that.

Pic by Robert Anic / Caters News

“We still have not been able to teach him to say to cheers, but his vocabulary is constantly expanding and he will surely learn it.”