Piece of cake! Clever baker makes cakes which look like fast food!

Pic by Laura Loukaides/Caters News

These mind blowing cakes will make you think twice about what you’re eating – as they look like FAST FOOD.

Deceptive baker Laura Loukaides, from Hertfordshire, has made pizzas, burgers, onion rings and even kebabs – all out of Victoria sponge.

She admits that sometimes the confusion of flavours puts her off eating the cake, but says she loves working with fondant and creating the designs.

The 23-year-old, who showcases her bakes on social media, said: “I wanted to try something different, and food cakes are great because they’re relatively easy to carve.

“It’s exciting to work on something like this as there’s so much you can do with fondant.

“You also get a very surprised reaction when you present a food cake to someone!”

Pic by Laura Loukaides/Caters News

Her first food cake was for her brother’s birthday three years ago, when she made him a bucket of KFC.

But she confesses it wasn’t a piece of cake, and the experience put her off colouring her own fondant ever again.

Laura said: “It was really challenging for me as I’d never made anything like it before.

“It was a cake of many firsts – some of which went OK and others definitely didn’t.

“It was the first time I’d worked with a seven inch deep cake which just seemed huge to me, and it was the first time I worked with Rice Krispy Treats which is what I made the chicken out of.

“Overall I was pleased with it, but I coloured my own red fondant which I haven’t done since.

“When you need to create a deep colour, such as a dark red or navy, it can sometimes result in the fondant becoming overworked which is exactly what happened to this cake.

“When I tried to cover the cake in the red fondant it just fell apart, it was a terrible mess.

“I had to go out straight away and buy pre-coloured red fondant.”

Pic by Laura Loukaides/Caters News

Luckily, this foodie learnt her lesson – going on to win gold in a 2014 competition with a food stack cake called ‘The Big Eater’.

It took her 150 hours just to make the tower, which included pancakes, a sub sandwich, doughnuts and more.

Laura said: “It was the most complicated cake I’ve ever made but I wanted to challenge myself.

“It’s definitely one of my favourite cakes, I was even lucky enough to have been awarded gold at the competition.

“It’s the only food cake I’ve entered in a competition, the rest I just make for friends and family.

“The simplest food cake I’ve made was a pancake cake.

“It was a simple six inch round cake, covered in long ropes of fondant to look like a small stack of pancakes.

“I’m hoping to re-make this cake again soon as there is quite a bit I would change about it and it only took about three hours to decorate.”

Pic by Laura Loukaides/Caters News

The adventurous chef is constantly looking for inspiration and jumps at any chance to work on something new.

But she admits not everyone is a fan of her creations, and some of her bakes even put her off!

She said: “A couple of years ago I wanted to try making a pizza cake because it had been on my list of techniques to try for sometime.

“I was quite pleased with the result but eating it was really confusing!

“You expect it to taste savoury and it makes you question whether you were originally craving pizza or cake.”

She added: “There’s always a mixed reaction with food cakes – some people really like them and are amazed by them, but others don’t.

“Some people can’t believe they’re a cake and think they’re fantastic but I appreciate everyone has different tastes.”

Pic by Laura Loukaides/Caters News

Laura uses chocolate or vanilla sponge for all of her cakes and fills them with buttercream or ganache.

She then uses fondant icing to decorate, and even manages to craft her cakes without much use of a cake mould.

Laura said: “I always use either chocolate or vanilla sponge cake, either filled with buttercream or ganache.

“They’re decorated with fondant icing and can sometimes feature elements made from gum-paste, Rice Krispies, sweets, biscuits or chocolate.

“I’ve collected so many cake moulds over the last five years, but it’s very rare I use them.

“I like to mould elements of my cakes myself as it allows me to control the shapes and texture of a decoration.

“I also like there to be slight imperfections as it gives the cake more character and realism.”