Photographer travels thousands of miles to document once vibrant industrial operations now left abandoned

As automation becomes ever more common, this determined photographer has travelled thousands of miles to document the eerie beauty of abandoned industrial operations.

In the works of a photographer Dave – who goes by Freaktography and never gives out his full name – haunting abandonment leaps from images of discarded machinery, tools, and factory essentials.


On his travels, the photographer has visited the likes of power plants, automotive assembly lines and distilleries, carrying out extensive research in order to first discover each site.

Though he is willing to reveal that the sites are dotted across North America – specifically Canada and the United States – the photographer never gives away the exact locations.

The reason for this secrecy, Dave said, is to keep such sites free of interference.

Speaking of his love for abandoned photography and industrial locations in particular, he added: “The sheer size of them always amazes me – also the symmetry that you see, as everything always lines up perfectly.


“But aside from aesthetics and my photographic interests, it always amazes me how the engineers were able to make all of these things work in sync.

“In a large power plant, there are machines and gauges and lines and so much going on – a simple guy like me cannot fathom how they make all of this stuff automated to work together.”

Going forward, Dave plans to continue his travels across North America, adding to his expanding collection of abandoned snaps.


As well as factories, the Freaktography collection includes haunting peeks inside asylums and hospitals, churches and homes.

Dave said: “These places were once loud, busy and very active – yet they now sit in total silence.

“I hope the viewer sees photos of an automotive assembly plant or power plant and can imagine all that would have been going on in this scene.”