Photographer creates fantasy worlds for her daydreaming dog.

A photographer has done her best to guess what her dog is daydreaming about – creating a series of fantasy adventures around her unaware pooch.

Arty Samantha Dumora, 34, first began taking shots of her Jack Russell pup, Woodstock, as a way of practicing her camera skills.

Doggy Daydreams

Woodstock the dog goes skiing!

But she soon realised Woodstock was a natural in front of the camera – so natural he would relax himself into a snooze allowing his owner to create a series of doggy daydream scenarios all around him.

So far, Woodstock’s adventures have taken him skiing and he has even built a snowman.

Doggy Daydreams

Dreaming of bones.

The energetic dog is also fond of having his picture taken when he is awake, too, with Samantha dressing him up as the likes of a superhero and a reindeer.

Samantha, from Bordeaux, France, said Woodstock was great in front of the camera and she couldn’t resist taking photos of him.

Doggy Daydreams

Woodstock poses as a superhero.

She said: “One day I was planning on taking some pictures to practice my photography but my daughter was out so I thought I’d try with the dog.

“I was surprised to discover Woodstock was really calm – so calm that he easily fell asleep during the shoot so I could even use my flash and he wouldn’t move.

“He has never been forced to do anything it’s all done with patience and treats.”