Petrol head owns 20 vehicle collection of crazy creations!

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mechanic turned mad inventor has converted around 20 cars, bikes, planes and boats into incredible unique designs.

Lifelong mechanic, Neil Turner, 60, from Codsall, West Mids has used countless spare parts from the day job to make vehicles such as his Tritanic.

Currently working on getting an aeroplane on the water, Neil will wake up with an idea and will not stop until it becomes a reality.

Neil said: “It’s just my hobby which I probably spend a day a week doing, unless my wife has any other plans in the morning in which case it’ll just be a few hours.

“If it’s got an engine, then more likely than not, I’ll want to see how it works and take it all apart, and put it back together again in a bit of an unusual way.

“It’s just a bit of fun really, and the reaction I get when I drive the bikes and cars around is priceless.”

Among Neil’s garage of the weird and wonderful road legal motors are an aeroplane car, and a sidecar- donkey carousel fusion.

Neil runs his garage with his 33-year-old son, Josh who also competes as a motorbike stunt rider has got involved in the creative process himself.

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Neil said: “I’m just interested in the mechanics of it all really, I try to think outside the box and put things together in an unusual way.

Neil said: “A bit of the madness has passed down to him too – he’s a stunt motorbike rider, so you could say it’s in the family!”

Speaking of his father’s wacky handiwork, Josh said: “They’re pretty cool really aren’t they?

“He’s been doing it for as long as I can remember.
“Old Jag Engine 1956 Riley, the pink and black car, is my favourite I think, I’ve just always liked it.

“I’ve been involved too – the black pick up Jag truck  and the green Mercedes is mine.

” Modifying motors has been part of my life. I’ve been working in garages since I was around ten years old.

“The reason we do it I guess is for when you finally get them done and can go out and drive them and see people’s reactions. It’s great.”

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Neil said: “My favourite design is probably the Tritanic, my trike converted into a boat.
“I get strange looks quite often but I’m able to keep up with the traffic and everything, it all goes at normal speeds.

“I just do whatever I think on that day, there’s no real planning I just have an idea and get on with it.
Wife, Nicky, 58 knew exactly what she was letting herself in for when the couple tied the knot in 1972.

“We’ve been married for 44 years so she’s had enough time to get used to everything but the smell of petrol.

“I prefer older British vehicles to play around with but I’ve kept the car I passed my test in, all in one piece and I hope to get it back on the road soon.

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“I honestly don’t know how many vehicles I’ve got now but it must be around the 20 mark.
“I started my mechanics business in 1984 so I’ve got a lot of bits and pieces I’ve been able to use for my creations without much expense at all.

“My hobby has definitely cost me more time than money.”