Perfect-pawtraits: Mother takes adorable images of baby and rescue dog wearing matching hats

These adorable images of a baby boy and his pet dog are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Taken in a series of lovable paw-traits, these delightful photographs show the pair dressed up in identical hats.

Dog and Baby Dress Up

Zoey and Jasper pose up together in cool sunglasses

Cute canine, Zoey and beautiful baby, Jasper, are seen wearing anything from Mexican sombreros to bunny ears and even space helmets as they sit together side-by-side.

Dog and Baby Dress Up

The lovable pair wearing matching Mexican sombreros

The fun photographs are the brain child of mother and dog lover, Grace Chon, 34, from LA, USA, who came up with the idea after dreaming up ways of getting creative between nap times.

Dog and Baby Dress Up

Zoey and Jasper dressed in a fetching astronaut helmet

Incredibly, Zoey needed little training in front of the camera and in fact eagerly sits in her special spot each time the costumes come out.

Dog and Baby Dress Up

The images were taken by photographer, Grace Chon, who came up with the idea as a way of getting creative between nap times

Since Zoey has joined the family, both baby and pooch have become inseparable despite Zoey’s initial fear of humans.

Tragically, Zoey was found shivering in the gutter outside a restaurant in Taiwan but was rescued by a passing student.

But it was only after searching on the internet for a dog to adopt that Grace discovered Zoey and instantly fell in love.

Grace said: “It surprisingly wasn’t difficult when I started the series to get both Zoey and Jasper looking straight into the camera.

“Usually when I photograph dogs, I use high reward treats or toys to get them to cooperate and look into the lens, however, Zoey for some unexplainable reason just loves dressing up and loves the camera.

“As soon as she sees the hats come out, she goes to her spot and poses, without the help of any enticing treat.

“There weren’t very many places to take Jasper other than the grocery store or with me running errands, and I was looking for something fun for us to do in between his nap times.

“One day I put one of Jasper’s hats on Zoey and had the epiphany that baby hats look really adorable on dogs, I shot an image of them sitting side-by-side wearing the same hat and the series was born.

“One day on a pet adoption website I spotted a little puppy’s face staring back at me and I just knew in an instant that I had to adopt her.

“Her mother gave birth to Zoey and her siblings in front of a restaurant in Taiwan, but the owner of the restaurant came and promptly hosed them away because it was considered bad luck to have black dogs by the restaurant.

“Zoey was the runt of the litter and very sickly, so she’s extremely shy and terrified of new people. I honestly wasn’t sure if she would ever warm up to Jasper at all.

“When Jasper was seven months old, Zoey rolled over to show Jasper her belly and asked for a belly rub.

“It was such a huge turning point for her, because before this she wouldn’t let him get near her, after that, she warmed up to him so quickly that she would be the first to run into his room in the morning when he woke up.

“Every new moment Zoey and Jasper share is a true triumph for Zoey overcoming her fears and I couldn’t be prouder of her, I am also so proud of Jasper for being such a gentle, compassionate little boy.”