Pepper-Whao-Ni! Restaurant creates pizza that measures whopping four foot across and has 11,000 calories

Pass the indigestion tablets – a restaurant in Birmingham has produced a pizza containing almost a WEEK’s worth of calories.

Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham City Centre has the ‘world’s biggest pizza’ available for those with a bottomless stomach – and it measures a whopping four feet wide.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

The pizza consists of 11 slices of pizza bread slathered in cheese, pepperoni and sweet tomato sauce – weighing in at a whopping 1000 calories a slice.

The slices, which are also sold separately as a £15.95 meal challenge at the restaurant, measure up to be 2 foot long each.

However to make up the full ‘Epic New York’ pizza, the restaurant place eleven slices together to make one ginormous pizza pie.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

The pizza is so large that each slice needs to be cooked separately as it wouldn’t all fit together in one industrial oven.

And those with eyes bigger than their belly can have their pizza topped with a side of fries – weighing in at an extra 1,200 calories.

Alex Amor, manager at Rub Smokehouse, said: “The whole pizza contains 11,000 calories, so it’s fairly calorific.

“We’ve never had anyone complete a whole pizza. I’m sure it’d take a lot more than one person to finish it.

“Even though there’s pepperoni on our classic New York pizza, people can have whatever toppings they want.

“I’m sure it’ll go down in Rub history alongside our other massive food challenges – but this one definitely won’t be as easy to complete!”

Kirstie Sutheran, 20, said: “I tried to finish the whole pizza myself but I could only get through two slices!

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“It’s definitely the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen and I cannot begin to imagine how someone would complete it by themselves.

“If I had friends with me I’m sure we could’ve got through it together, but definitely not alone.”